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Star War’s posted by Alexander J Krzyston

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Star War’s posted by Alexander J Krzyston

Obi-Wan Kenobi posted by Alexander james Krzyston

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In a Heartbeat by Alexander James Krzyston
Alexander Krzyston .Obi-Wan Kenobi. Alexander J Krzyston .Obi-Wan Kenobi. Alexander James Krzyston
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Alex Krzyston .Obi-Wan Kenobi. Alex J Krzyston .Obi-Wan Kenobi. Alex James Krzyston
Obi-Wamn is strong of mind and courageous he is Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi master.
He was once Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn’s Panwan, but the Sith Lord’s apprentice killed him. Obi-Wan kept a promise made by Qui-Gon to train Anakin. While Anakin is on Praesitlyn he is on another mission assigned to him by the Jedi counsel without Anakin. Obi-Wan is also trying to help Anakin pass his Jedi trials so that he too may be a Jedi.


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Alex Krzyston Day by Day
Alexander Krzyston .Summary. Alexander J Krzyston .Summary. Alexander James Krzyston
Alex Krzyston .Summary. Alex J Krzyston .Summary. Alex James Krzyston
Admiral Pors Tonith has been selected by Count Dooku to take over and conquer Praesitlyn, home of the Intergalactic Communications Center; it is key to the Republic’s survival in the clone wars.
Praesitlyn has been left unprotected by the Republic and Tonith easily takes control over the Intergalactic Communications Center. Tonith takes Rejia Momen and her guards as prisoners inside the center. The Republic will not loose control of Praesitlyn without a fight. Supreme Chancellor Palpitine has personally selected Nejia Halcyon to lead a force of twenty thousand clone troopers with the Jedi Padwan Anakin Skywalker to take back control of Praesitlyn. Captain Zozridor Slayke leads a small force of separatists against Tonith until Halcyon and Anakin arrive with reinforcements. The Jedi counsel approve of this mission given by the Supreme Chancellor of one reason. This mission is more like a trial for Anakin and Halcyon; they must prove they are worthy of the name Jedi master.
With the help of Grudo, an old friend of Halcyon, Anakin and Halcyon arrive safely and quickly to Praesitlyn. Once there no time is wasted on the side of the Republic. Clones are immediately sent out to look for survivors and to fight. Together Halcyon, Anakin, and Slayke come up with a battle plan; they plan to attack the center of Tonith’s troops simultaneously with a strong force swinging around his flank. Anakin is to lead an attack from the right and a clone commander will lead from the left. Tonith was ready for the Jedi and their clones and had already reinforced his left and right side with droids. When the left flank is overwhelmed with droids they retreat back to base, but Anakin continues to lead his fleet from the right. Conditions for Anakin get bad, clones are falling fast and ships are crashing but Anakin does not fall back. Anakin then comes to his senses and sees that there is no use in staying he cannot break through. He retreats as well back to base where a new plan is created.
It is decided that Slayke and Halcyon will lead a decoy attack from the air while Anakin takes a small fleet to clones and sneaks into the center, freeing the hostages. Anakin’s plan works perfectly and he easily frees the hostages; however, one thing Anakin does not count is Tonith. Tonith tries to kill Anakin with a shot from his blaster, but Reji jumps in front of Anakin and saves him. The death of Reji Momen puts Anakin in a mad rage. His emotions over whelm him and he cannot control himself. Tonith and his men get away to a ship while Anakin morns the loss of Reji. Once he realizes what is happening Anakin warns Slayke and Halcyon and he runs to his ship.
The battle is now in the air and Tonith will not surrender. The Republic side is soon overpowered, but Anakin is an incredible flyer and does not give up. He successfully maneuvers through all the fired shots to Tonith’s ship. He takes it down and Tonith and all his men are taken back to Coruscant as prisoners where the will be tried by the Senate. Anakin proved his worth to the Jedi Counsel, but still they will not make him a Jedi master, even though he is ready. The counsel fears of what Anakin may become; his future is clouded.

Theme posted by Alexander James Krzyston

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Society Quotes by Alexander J Krzyston
Alex Krzyston .Theme. Alex J Krzyston .Theme. Alex James Krzyston
The theme of Star Wars, Jedi Trial is to never give up.
Alexander Krzyston .Theme. Alexander J Krzyston .Theme. Alexander James Krzyston
No matter how bad conditions got on Praesitlyn Anakin never gave up and never surrendered. He kept on fighting and eventually gained back control of Praesitlyn. Anakin was a wise leader he thought up all of the battle plans and carried them out. In his first attack Anakin tried to stand his ground but then retreated, he knew that he could not breakthrough and did not see to point in wasting lives. Anakin was brave and fearless in battle, he proved to be both a strong and wise solider. Anakin never gave up and saved Praesitlyn from the evil Sith Lord.

Anakin Skywalker posted by Alexander James Krzyston

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Alex Krzyston Political Quotes
Alexander Krzyston .Anakin Skywalker . Alexander J Krzyston .Anakin Skywalker . Alexander James Krzyston
Anakin Skywalker
Alex Krzyston .Anakin Skywalker . Alex J Krzyston .Anakin Skywalker . Alex James Krzyston
Anakin Skywalker is the son of Shmi Skywalker and his father is unknown.
He was born on Tatooine and became a slave to Gardulle the Hutt; he worked as a mechanic and at times rode podracers. Anakin was the best mechanic Gardulle knew and he was only ten at the time. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn freed him when he helped Qui- Gon to win money in a podrace to buy parts for Queen Amidsla ship. On Tatooine he fell in love with one of Queen Amidala’s servants, Padme (Padme was later discovered to be the queen). He was a selfless boy who knew no wrong and was always willing to help. Qui-Gon promised that one-day Anakine would become a Jedi and when Qui-Gon Jinn died Obi-Wan Kenobie kept that promise and training Anakin.
The Jedi counsel did not approve of Anakin but still allowed him to be trained. Anakin was said to be the chosen one, he was to destroy the Sith. Under Obi-Wan Kenobie’s training Anakin grew stronger and wiser; he learned the way of the Jedi despite what others said about him. Anakin and Padme grew close and ended up marring each other on Nadoo (Padme had served her term as queen of Naboo and became the Senator of Nadoo). It was against the Jedi Order to love and marry so Anakin had broken the law by marrying Padme. Padme gave birth to Luke and Laie, two twins who were separated at birth to protect them from Anakin.
As Anakin grew he let his emotions control his actions, which was not the way of a Jedi. He became less and less of a Jedi and more of a Sith. When Shmi died back on Tatooine Anakin did not come in time to save her and the sand people killed her. The death of his mother changed Anakin and for the first time he killed innocent people because his emotions over whelmed him. He became Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s eyes and ears on the Jedi counsel. Palpatine was really the evil Sith Lord who the Jedi were trying to capture because he was bent on taking over the galaxy. Palpitine influenced Anakin and turned him to the dark side. Anakin destroyed the Jedi and the republic; he became Darth Vador, who was more machine than man. Anakin turned on everyone he knew and loved he truly became evil. He eventually turned back to the good side when his son Luke came and destroyed the Sith Lord with DarthVader.

Clones posted by Alexander James Krzyston

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Alex Krzyston Science Quotes
Hubble Space Telescope image of supernova 1994D in galaxy NGC 45
Alexander Krzyston .Clones. Alexander J Krzyston .Clones. Alexander James Krzyston
Alex Krzyston .Clones. Alex J Krzyston .Clones. Alex James Krzyston
The clones are an army that belong to the Jedi.
They were made on Kamino and made by the Kaminoans. Their DNA came from a bounty hunter named Jango Fet who is against the Jedi. Jedi master Sifo-Dyas placed the order of over a million clones. Halcyon is to take twenty thousand clones to Praesitlyn to add Slayke’s fleet. The clones help to aid in many battles the Republic fight in and they later turn on the Republic with the help of Anakin. The clones become known as stormtroopers later on and serve the Sith.

Asajj Ventress posted by Alexander James Krzyston

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Society by Alexander J Krzyston
Alex Krzyston .Asajj Ventress. Alex J Krzyston .Asajj Ventress. Alex James Krzyston
Asajj Ventress
Alexander Krzyston .Asajj Ventress. Alexander J Krzyston .Asajj Ventress. Alexander James Krzyston
Asajj serves Count Dooku and she desperately wants to become a Sith Lord, but Dooku will not make her his apprentice.
She has been taught the way of the Sith but she is still not one. Asajj is ruthless and fierce, she is one of the best fighters in the galaxy, she is an amazing pilot, and she handles a lightsaber better than most Jedi. Asajj is bald with tattoos on her head. Tonith finds her to be rather beautiful and likes her, but Asajj has her own plans. Once Tonith has taken over Praesitlyn he will no long be of use to Dooku and Asajj will kill him.

Count Dooku posted by Alexander James Krzyston

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Neurotic ?
Alexander Krzyston .Count Dooku . Alexander J Krzyston .Count Dooku . Alexander James Krzyston
Count Dooku:
Alex Krzyston .Count Dooku . Alex J Krzyston .Count Dooku . Alex James Krzyston
Count  Dooku was once Master Yoda’s Padwan but turned away from Yoda and betrayed the Jedi. 
Under the influence for the Sith Dooku became the Sith Lord’s new partner.  Dooku does all of the fighting and dirty work; he is more like the Sith Lord’s servant than partner.  Pors Tonith is Dooku’s puppet and Dooku personally chose him to lead the Praesitlyn invasion.

General Khama posted by Alexander James Krzyston

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Hitchcock by Alexander James Krzyston

Alexander Krzyston .General Khama. Alexander J Krzyston .General Khama. Alexander James Krzyston

General Khama
Alex Krzyston .General Khama. Alex J Krzyston .General Khama. Alex James Krzyston

General Khamar is the leader of the only defense force located on Praesitlyn before the attack.

He is Odie’s commander and has great faith in her; she saves his life when a fleet of droids attacks Khamar.  Khamar is Reji Momen’s protector and is also captured when Tonith takes over the Intergalactic Communications Center and holds everyone in the building prisoner.

Karaksk Vetlya posted by Alexander James Krzyston

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Beethoven by Alexander J Krzyston
Alexander Krzyston .Karaksk Vetlya. Alexander J Krzyston .Karaksk Vetlya. Alexander James Krzyston


Karaksk Vetlya:
Alex Krzyston .Karaksk Vetlya. Alex J Krzyston .Karaksk Vetlya. Alex James Krzyston

Karaksk is admiral Tonith’s right handman and chief of staff.  He is terrified of Tonith and claims he is Toith’s prisoner and forced to serve him.